Do you have pets and struggle to keep the house clean from pet hair?

It’s certainly not uncommon for pet owners to struggle against pet hair control in their homes. It’s normal for cats and dogs to malt their hair regularly, and this occurs when new hairs grow from the skin follicles, which then in turn pushes out the old – this same process happens to humans. However, let’s not forget that cats and dogs are hair covered animals so without a doubt, they are more likely to shed more hair than you and I over time!

Proud home owners often find themselves regularly pulling out the heavy and awkward hoover and frantically cleaning the home two or three times a week, especially before the guests come round! The volume of pet hair also depends on your species and breeds of pets and long-haired or short-haired genesis. Overtime hair does become more difficult to lift from carpets as it embeds itself deeper and more tangled into the fine threads of your carpets. Then there’s also the issue of how good the vacuum cleaner you own is – although some manufacturers do specifically offer extra pet hair control, powered models these days.

But there is a simpler way to help you control pet hair in your house and that’s to replace your carpets in your day time living areas with laminate or hard wood flooring. The solid surface repels hair from embedding itself and becomes much easier to remove with either a vacuum cleaner of a much simpler and lighter weight dry-mop apparatus. You’ll also find that the price is often cheaper than good carpet installations and will last for just as long. With a hard wood floor you could find that you’ll be saving yourself one to two hours a week extra time not cleaning. Ask friends and family with pets whom have converted to real wood or laminate flooring and you often find that none will convert back to carpets because how much easier it is to control hair in the home.

It can be perceived that hard wood flooring is much cooler in your home, but with sufficient and appropriate underlay for your installation, you can avoid a cool surface for your feet. Get in touch with LS Flooring today.