To fit a floor with a quality installation, it really does require a professional.

shop2-compressorOur services are regularly called upon after a poor quality self-fitting!
With over 10 years experience of just fitting floors, we guarantee you a great result. If your investing in an expensive floor, it’s more than worth an expert fitting service…

FREE Quotations

Call us today to arrange a free quotation within the local area. We’re more than happy to come to you with some samples if you’re unable to visit our showroom.

Quality Installation Guarantee

flooring-guarantee-150x150We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the floor installations that we undertake.

We want you to be absolutely happy when we finish the job
We want you to be assured that our fitting service is high quality
The guarantee is for 12-months from the date of installation
See the full terms below

Additional Services

Small carpentry requirements

Skirting boards, thresholds and architraves all professional fitted and finished off to complement any flooring installation.

Floor preparation

Screed & Latex flooring

Plying / plywood / chipboars flooring

Epoxy DPM (membrame) sealers

Repair jobs welcome

Do you have a floor needing some attention? Give us a call to discuss your options and to arrnage a viewing. We can do our very best to get your floor back up to scratch!

Terms of Guarantee –

We will give you 12-months guarantee on our floor installation. Guarantee only lasts for a maximum duration of 12 months from date of installation; is not valid against quality issues arisen from imperfections/manufacture faults in floor and/or wood materials – see manufacture guarantee for product terms; replacement of plank(s) for colour/grain/knot imperfections and/or wear & tear are not covered by this guarantee – see manufacture guarantee for product terms; for any clarification, please speak to us for assistance.